Saturday, 18 Sep 2021
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Anne Pro 2 RGB Wireless Mechanical Keyboard – Unboxing & Review

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Anne Pro 2: $69.99 for Anne Pro2: ea82b4 Kailh Box version coming soon : Spring by Ikson …

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  1. Info on the Kailh Box switches cracking keycaps :

    Change keycaps with caution, as I don't think that these current Anne Pro 2's would have the retooled switches. Future models may be updated.

    Also, there's no Bluetooth dongle like the old Anne Pro 🙁

  2. When I look at the Anne pro 2 now, there are red letters on the side of the keycaps where in your video they are gray, it might be because it’s 2 years later but I don’t know why they would change that

  3. what switches do you think I should get if I have a big family because I don't want to get murdered by them even tho I really like the sound of the blue switches

  4. This was my first mechanical keyboard, and the WASD dont take as much force anymore to press, im assuming that just them getting worn in, and the D key speaks sometimes, I looked it up and it says it because its new, (I got this on christmas 2020) and when i attempted to take the space bar off, it seems to be a little more rattly, idk. I might just be paranoid. I just want to have some answers to feel better.

  5. One thing about these keyboards:

    I need a Portuguese keyboard, but doing so I don't have the functions on the side of those keycaps.

    Where can I go to, to have custom keycaps made for this purpose? And Still be backlit?


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